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Distributions and tigers and bears, oh my!: Making sense of the wild world of Linux

What’s a distribution? Why are there so many of them? Which one should should I choose? These are some of the questions the newcomer to Linux might ask when confronted with the dizzying amount of options. This post will help you make sense of the seeming chaos, and hopefully leave you with a better idea of which distribution is right for you.

With all the choices out there, beginners can have a hard time figuring out where to begin when it comes to Linux. This map takes a humorous look at the world of Linux distributions. (Image ©, used with permission)

First off: What the heck is a distribution, anyway?

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll certainly have come across the term distribution. That’s not a word most average computer users are familiar with—at least not in terms of operating systems—so you might have been left scratching your head. What is a distribution, exactly? Read the rest of this entry