Getting Started with Lubuntu

A lightweight variant of Ubuntu, Lubuntu is a great distro for breathing new life into an old computer. It combines the beginner friendliness and readily available online help of Ubuntu with a snappy, responsive LXDE desktop that will run quickly even on older hardware. And while keeping things lean, Lubuntu still provides you with a fully-featured desktop experience, complete with all the tools most people need right out of the box.

Lubuntu is a lightweight variant of Ubuntu and a great choice for beginners looking to give an old computer a second lease on life.

For the purposes of this blog, I’ve created an introductory guide to getting Lubuntu up and running on your computer. The posts are best read in order, as they build upon one another. Anyone with a basic understanding of computers should be able to successfully install Lubuntu using these posts as a guide. If you run into problems, the answer is usually only a Google search away.

#1: Where to find Lubuntu: Downloading and burning to CD

#2: Installing Lubuntu: A step-by-step guide to dual-booting

#3: Getting to know Lubuntu/LXDE

#4: Five things to do after installing Lubuntu

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